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Count of last 20 draws: results below: (exclude POWERBALL or MEGA pool or Cash Ball pool or Star Ball pool)
Lottery Last 20 Times Hot Numbers Draw Times
POWERBALL Hot No.:47 6 Times
MEGA Millions Hot No.:46 6 Times
Cash4Life Hot No.:27,43,44,54 4 Times
SUPER KANSAS CASH Hot No.:2,4,17,22,25 6 Times
Lotto America Hot No.:12 6 Times
California Fantasy 5 Hot No.:39 8 Times
MEGA Millions:
Lotto America:
California Fantasy 5:
Lottery Last 20 Times Cold Numbers Draw Times
POWERBALL Cold No.:3,10,11,13,16,21,25,28,29,30,51,52,53,63 0 Times
MEGA Millions Cold No.:5,10,11,17,26,27,34,42,49,55,57,60,65,70 0 Times
Cash4Life Cold No.:3,6,10,14,15,25,29,35,37,52 0 Times
SUPER KANSAS CASH Cold No.:7,19 0 Times
Lotto America Cold No.:3,17,19,22,31,33,41 0 Times
California Fantasy 5 Cold No.:3,4,5 0 Times

Basic on MEGA Millions format changed to 70;MEGA pool changed to 25;On October 28, 2017.
Analysis of data basic on Powerball format changed;From 59 to 69;Powerball pool decreased from 35 to 26;On October 4, 2015.